About usDalton Together is a partnership that works with the local residents, local businesses, local partners and local community groups

  • Dalton
  • Kirkheaton
  • Rawthorpe
  • Moldgreen
  • Waterloo
  • Lakes
  • Standiforth
  • Leeds Road Area

We are here for all of the Dalton Ward with a focus on these groups

And we will help the Dalton ward by

A partnership of those living, learning, working, and volunteering in our area


Championing the strengths, needs and hopes of local people


Open to everyone in our community

Knowing and understanding our communities’ needs


Bringing people and ideas together to benefit our area


Making good things happen with local people

Attracting new resources, funding and ideas


Creating pride and belonging in our community


Encouraging community connections and sharing experiences

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Dalton Together