Another Successful Christmas Magic Appeal Delivered in 2022

Dalton Together would like to reach out to our community and partners thanking everyone who were a part of our Christmas Magic Appeal for 2022. “Together we make good things happen”.

With the help of Moldgreen URC coordinating the operation, the time of the teaching staff at Moldgreen Community Primary School, the financial support from the Dalton Ward Cllrs, The Freemasons and employees of Syngenta through their Community Gift Fund (donating toys towards our appeal!), plus everybody and partners who kindly donated additional items for residents/families within our community, we have managed to deliver another successful Christmas appeal which has made a huge difference to families and individuals across the Dalton Ward.

A special thank you goes out to Rosie Buxton (who has now retired and moved out of the area) for overseeing the whole operation, without her none of this would have been possible.

How many households did we help?

Our Christmas Magic Appeal 2022 managed to help:

  • Over 450 residents and 128 different families across the Dalton Ward!
  • 190 Adults (132 female, 58 male).
  • 273 Children (124 girls, 149 boys).

What did our goodies bags contain for families/individuals?

  • Festive food, drink, toys and gifts.
  • Presents for all members of the family, including pets.

128 referrals were made towards this years appeal!

15 different organisations referred families to receive a Christmas goodie bag.

23 of our goodie bags were halal.

Volunteers involved in the Magic Appeal?

We had great support from our community, this included approximately 20 volunteers skilled in multiple areas to help bring everything together. Overall we had volunteer’s who:

  • Collected donations from organisations/partners and residents.
  • Shopped for key items for the appeal.
  • Helped setting up on the day.
  • Packing and giving out the goodie bags to families arriving on the day for collection.

Plans for 2023 are already being discussed, we will be collecting donations all year round, new (unwrapped) goods for all ages. Contact if you would like to drop anything off.

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