Aspire Creating Communities Programmes

Aspire Creating Communities is an Occupational Therapy based, person-focused, dementia friendly service, centred around building relationships with group attendees. We started just over six years ago and became a charity in December 2019. 

Our beneficiaries are over 55s who come to our sessions for fun, laughter and friendship, leaving with this and much more. These sessions are accessible to all, with affordability not being a barrier. Central to our approach is strong relationships with beneficiaries, their families, and our community. Our sessions in Dalton are on a Monday morning from 10.00 to 12.00 pm. 

Aspire Dalton Group Meetings – Jan/Feb 2022 Programme

Download Jan/Feb Programme Here: AspireDaltonGroupMeetings2022.pdf

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For more information about Aspire Creating Communities please visit their website:

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