Christmas Hamper Appeal

This Christmas we want to ensure that our most vulnerable neighbours enjoy some Christmas food and gifts.

Thank you so much for signing up to donate a hamper(s)—it really will make a huge difference to families and individuals in the Dalton Ward.

We work closely with partner organisations across the Ward who identify some of their most vulnerable clients who have no one else to turn to at Christmas.

Please make your hamper as attractive as possible, both in how it’s wrapped and what you include inside, to demonstrate to the recipient that people do care and that they are valued this Christmas.
What shall I include in my Christmas hamper?

Below is a suggested list of contents for a hamper for a single person, Please increase quantities appropriately if you are providing a hamper for a couple or
family, remember no need to worry about everyday essentials as your hamper will be delivered with our seven day food and hygiene packages.
Please note hamper recipient info should be checked carefully for any dietary requirements (e.g. vegetarian, celiac, halal etc.)
The prices of the individual items are only approximations, but as the cost a hamper for a single recipient is likely to be in the region of £50 and the assumption that the cost per hamper will increase by approximately £15 per additional recipient, we strongly advocate that individuals or small voluntary groups donating a hamper/s task friends, family or group members to contribute an item/s from the list to help make up the final product.


Suggested contents (number and size of the individual items will have to be
increased to reflect the number of recipients to be catered for)

 Coffee/hot chocolate – £5
 Tinned meat (Ham/Chicken) – £2.50
 Cheese/crackers (please check dates carefully) – £5 + £2.50
 Snacks/nibbles – £2.00
 Selection boxes or chocolate treats £4
 Festive sweets/biscuits – £3.50
 Christmas cake/chocolate log/gingerbread house – £7.50
 Mince pies and/or Shortbread £1.50
 Cordial/fruit juice or other non-alcoholic drinks £2.50
 Christmas crackers (for 2 or more recipients, please do not include in single
persons hamper) £5
 Age appropriate gifts, nicely wrapped and labelled (once you have been
allocated a hamper you will find out details of the ages and gender of your
hamper recipient/s so that you can buy appropriate gifts). – £10
 A Christmas card with a personal message & words of encouragement.
Important Reminders –
Please return hampers to your allocated drop off point by Friday 11th December.
Please ensure hampers DO NOT contain any ALCOHOL.
Please ensure all food donations will still be in date for Christmas.
Keep on reading for important hamper packing hints and tips!
Hamper Packing Hints and Tips Presentation and Packing
 If you are using a cardboard box, make sure to tape the bottom of your box
well…we don’t want everything to fall out as we lift it!
 Place heavy items on the bottom… nobody wants to receive broken biscuits
or squashed cake!

 Distribute the weight evenly; this will help when transporting your hamper.
(Use several boxes if needed but please ensure each is labelled with your
donor details and state box 1of2, 2of2 etc.)
 Please wrap your hamper nicely. It’s what’s on the inside that counts, but
first impressions do make a difference!
 Make sure your name, hamper donor ID (see email from your hamper sign-up
for these), hamper size (e.g. family of 3 etc.) and organisation are clearly
marked on the outside of your hamper box.
 If you’re providing a hamper for a family, why not get a large sturdy plastic
box(es) with a lid which the family can later use for storage?
 If your hamper recipient has requested a Vegetarian or Halal friendly
hamper, please do not include any meat products, especially pork, including
gelatine, which can be found in items such as sweets, jelly and marshmallows.
 Make sure items contained are within their ‘best before’ date and will still
be in date for Christmas.
 Please do NOT include Christmas crackers if your donation is for an
individual. Please DO include crackers for hampers for 2 or more people.
 Include appropriate amounts of food depending on the number of people the
hamper is for.
Gift Ideas
Men: Socks, Toiletry Gift Set, Puzzle/Game, Mug, One-size Slippers, Gift Card.
Women: Toiletry Gift Set, Candle/diffuser, Picture Frame, Accessories, Hot
Water Bottle & Cover/scented wheat bag, Gift Card.
Teenage Girl: Toiletry Gift Set, Fluffy Socks/Slippers, Stationery, Mug,
Accessories, Jewellery, Make-Up, Gift Card.
Teenage Boy: Toiletry Gift Set, Socks, Mug, Puzzle/Game, Stationery,
Confectionery Gift Sets, Gift Card.
Children: Colouring Books/Craft sets, Age Appropriate Reading Books,
Stationery, Cuddly Toys, Games, Cars, Dolls, Puzzles, Gift Card.
If you have any questions at all about making your hamper, please email

Christmas Hamper sign up form

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