Dalton comes together during the pandemic

When lockdown was announced in March this year a number of Dalton Ward residents responded quickly and set up the HD5 Mutual Aid group, helping residents in the Dalton Ward area. Working with local residents, we rallied round and provided assistance to vulnerable people that were affected by Covid 19. Leaflets were distributed and volunteers started to offer help. We soon had around 40 people delivering food, collecting prescriptions, posting letters, walking dogs and even offering a befriending service to residents who were lonely and isolated. During the peak of the lockdown it was only due to the determination and commitment of these volunteers that we were able to respond to the requests and tackle the challenges the group were presented with. We had to overcome queues at the supermarkets, ensure volunteers were safe whilst delivering and manage payments – when we were advised not to handle cash. The mutual aid group in our ward had the support of our local Councillors and anchor charities who were there to provide guidance on health and safety and answer any questions to ensure we could deliver the right service. 

Over the last five months, we have responded to hundreds of requests and are still providing that support with some volunteers continuing to do the weekly shopping for the elderly or isolated during the restrictions. The Dalton Ward area has seen so many neighbours and friends come together, showing how much we care and support each other in our community. The group was personally thanked by the Lord-Lieutenant of West Yorkshire and the Mayor of Kirklees who wrote ‘It is often the case that difficult times brings out the best in people and I have met incredible people doing incredible things’  Each and every one of our Dalton Ward volunteers are incredible and we thank you from the whole community.

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