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Dalton Community Garden Events – Growing Works

What happened?

On the 3/4/23, 29/5/23 and 31/7/23 Growing Works ran 3 community focused events at the Dalton Community Garden, Harpe Inge, Dalton, Huddersfield, HD5 9RD, designed for children and adults alike.

At the first event in Spring we made a foraged soup made from a range of commonly found herbs and wild plants. The other two events included gluten and dairy free pancakes with seasonal fruit. Gardening was the main focus of the first two events despite children friendly activities being available; however on the final event lots of families attended with children who were all keen on doing activities which included flower printing, making herb posies, decorating wooden cookies, seed sowing and making seed balls.

Who took part?

Attendees included families who have regular attended the Dalton Gardens including one family who used the space during the winter. Volunteers from The Bread and Butter Project enjoyed the food provided. We had families who are new to the project who are keen to become regular attendees and interested in some of our other services. Growing Works staff and trustees and their families also attended in their own time.

How many people benefitted?

Total of 56 attendances over the 3 sessions, 20 adults, 23 children.

What was the impact of the activity?

The events created awareness for the community garden with many interested in getting more involved, providing a space that can be used to aid wellbeing and increasing physical activity.

Building skills and interest in gardening and plants and how to use fresh produce. Improving knowledge and inspiration around cooking and eating healthy and cheap food.

Improving social opportunities, increasing community spirit in the area and the chance to get outdoors and connect with nature.

Feedback and quotes from participants/partners

“The soup is amazing, thanks for the ingredients, I’m going to make it at home, I will tell everyone to come along”

– Volunteer from Bread and Butter Project

“Is it really made from weeds? We can go for a walk and bring home some free and healthy food! Good to know”

“Is that really gluten free, I didn’t know it could taste so good”

“I gained by having more knowledge on plants, especially enjoying each session along with my children; we love trying new things”

“I attend for my boys as they can be shy around new people as they are homeschooled”

“I feel I have a place to decompress from living in a multi generational household, and all the pressures and compromises that entails”

“Outdoors helps my peace of mind and allows me to destress, it also calms the children down”

“The children really enjoyed all the activities and it is so good for them to be outdoors”

“I loved the pancakes and fruit”

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