Cook Your Own – one pot meals

Thanks for joining us for our 6 free simple online cooking sessions!

The Cook Your Own – One pot meals project has come to a close, we are looking to do this again at a later date so follow our social media and sign up to our email notifications to be kept in the loop with new Dalton Together projects.

Each cooking session with Bev are available online and the recipes below are still available.

What did families say about using the slow cooker?

“I like the slow cooker as I can get up in a morning, prepare the ingredients and then put them in the slow cooker and leave cooking for the day”
“I could relax at dinner time as all I needed to do was the spaghetti. I freed me up to play board games with my kids”
“The simplicity of the recipe. The whole family loved this meal”
“I enjoyed it because it had a variety of vegetables and it was a mild curry, both my children enjoyed it”
“The smell of all the fresh ingredients”
“My 12 year old daughter cooked with me, she did all the veg prep. We also made dumplings which was fun”
“It was so easy to follow the instructions and tasted amazing”
“I loved making this recipe put it in the pot you can get on with other jobs. It tastes great my kids enjoy it too winner”
“How colourful the ingredients looked when put together”

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Yummy results sent in by families

Week 1  – Butternut squash and bean stew

Week 2  – Creamy chicken stew

Week 4 – Turkey meatballs in tomato sauce

Week 6 – Beef or vegetable stew and dumplings

Dalton Together ‘Cook Your Own’ – Project feedback

We hope you enjoyed the slow cooker project and have benefited from following the recipes and cooking low-cost wholesome food over the 6 sessions.

We would love to know what you thought of the project and the recipes, we may look to run this again later in the year.

The information you provide will only be used to improve how we deliver the project and help to understand our community’s requirements.

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  • Many thanks for your feedback

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