Community Ideas Funding Available

Dalton Together’s Community Partner Pact

Dalton Together can provide funding and support to local groups and individuals who have good ideas that:

  • Make great things happen in our community
  • Encourage people to get involved and help out
  • Bring people together

Tell us your idea…what could you do? Could you:

  • Run an online community craft club?
  • Host an virtual cooking course?
  • Teach older, isolated people how to use technology to help them stay connected?

How can I apply?

To find out how we can financially support your idea visit –

Need some inspiration?

Craig Taylor-Green from @fromHUDwithMUD on Facebook applied to Dalton Together to fund his idea ‘The Radish Race 2021’. Here is what he had to say about his experience of applying for funding and why he wanted set up this community project.

“In response to the most recent lockdown announcement, I wanted to do something to help the community to remain positive, hopeful and connected. 

As I’m currently on a food growing journey with my community purposed back garden project, it seemed natural to centre the idea around the incredible joy that comes from growing something.

With Dalton Together’s encouragement and financial support, the idea turned into reality and Radish Race 2021 was born which basically involves growing radish using a provided grow kit and completing a radish themed activity pack.

Dalton Together is there to support all members of the ward and the processes in place seem to be person focused, minimizing barriers and providing people with a sense of hope that they are not alone.

Radish Race 2021 is almost two weeks in and the engagement so far has been amazing. Hopefully these photos tell a story.”

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