One of our amazing Bread and Butter volunteers!

Meet Alison, one of our amazing Bread and Butter volunteers, thank you for everything you do every week.

Why do you volunteer?

I have been volunteering at The Bread and Butter Thing that runs out of the Rawthorpe and Dalton library Mondays at 2pm since May 2022. I am retired so I want to meet new people, I also like working as a team with other’s and giving back.

What do you think about The Bread and Butter Thing?

I think TBBT is a really good alternative which brings the community together and helps to redistribute surplus food from going to the landfill. I also like to hear the stories of new recipes and food that people have tried.

Would you like to join our amazing Bread and Butter team?

If you would like to be part of our amazing Bread and Butter team, please email Marjorie (Available Mon, Wednesday) at: for more information.

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