TRA Blackpool Coach Trip

The Town Estate and Springbank Residents Association applied for funding through Dalton Together’s Helping Hands fund so that they could organise a Day trip to Blackpool on the 10th August 2021.

How many residents benefitted?

By securing Helping Hands funding, the Town Estate and Springbank Residents Association managed to strengthen the community across the Dalton ward by connecting Tenants and Residents of the Town and Springbank Estates together with a fun filled, action packed day which benefitted…

  • 20 Adults
  • 36 Children

What impact did this activity have on the Dalton Ward community?

“This trip was a great relief for everyone after what has been a very difficult year for us all. It was wonderful to see children and adults meeting others who live on the estate and enjoying themselves together for what was for some, their first ever trip to the sea-side.

It brought our community together, and created new friendships and a real sense of togetherness that has remained strong on the estate since our first day trip to Blackpool.”

Feedback and quotes from residents

Photo Gallery of the TRA Blackpool event

How can I apply for Helping Hand Funding?

To find out more about applying for Dalton Together’s Helping Hands Funding and criteria please visit –

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